Mithial and Corleen, hands clasped together in the air, bent their heads slightly in the direction of King Jor'ean. Some of the guests, those who condsider themselves more important than they were, found the seeming lack of respect to be repulsive. Whispers coursed around the room, some in awe, some in fear, others, in disbelief.

     Many of the women seemed appalled at the dress, or lack thereof, the druid priestess was wearing. Many of the men wondered at the golden sword and scythe, as golden sheened weapons have never been seen in the Realm.

     The couple walked together to the seats to the right of Jor'ean, and after a moment, they sat. Jor'ean had remained standing, as had all the other members of the court. People still in shock, others, in awe, one by one began to regain their seats as well.

     "Your Majesty?" asked Mithial, "I wonder if I might pose a question?"

     Jor'ean was immediately attentive.

    "Of course, Arch...I mean, Mithial. Ask anything you will."

     Mithial gazed at him, his eyes blinking slowly, almost dreamily.

     "Who are your friends?" he said, finally.

     It was Jor'ean's turn to blink slowly. Then he realized that he had not introduced the Elder Druids nor his general.

     "My apologizes, Mithial!" he stuttered, unnerved for the first time since he was very, very young. It bothered him that this young druid could do so much in such a short amount of time.

     "Allow me to introduce to you the Elder emissaries of the other Druid Clans." he began.

     Mithial looked at him in surprise.

     "Druid Clans?" he asked, seeming puzzled.

     Jor'ean frowned. This was a curious turn. A White Druid who had not come from a Clan. Impossible. In the past, all White Druids had at one time been a member of another Clan, whether Blue, Green, or Brown. They were Archdruids who had obtained an audience with their patron God and Goddess and so gained enlightenment, becoming a manipulator of the Source's magic, not just a user.

      But this, Mithial, seemed to have never heard of the Druid Clans. And he seemed so very, very young. Jor'ean began to think he might have been wrong in trusting this unknown Druid and his mate.

     "Yes, Mithial. Druid Clans. We have an emissary from all three. If I may?" he started, touching Alonza's arm, guiding him to rise.

     "This is Alonza of the Brown Clan." he said, moving slightly down to touch Her'esh.

     "And this, is Her'esh of the Blue Clan."

     The puzzled expression on Mithial's face began to bother Jor'ean even more as finally reached Greybeard.

     "Finally, we have Greybeard of the Green Clan. These are our great emissaries that speak for the Clans." he finished, returning to his seat, but continuing to stand.

     "I also wish you to meet my General, Hi'sin. He is a great and might warrior and has lead my Legion for many years."

     General Hi'sin turned to extend his hand to Mithial, who smiled graciously and accepted, nodding also in return.

     Mithial then returned his gaze to the Elders, his face clouding again.

     "I must pose another question if I may, Your Majesty." he began, "I am unsure of the meanings of the other Druid Clans. Perhaps you could explain them to me?"

     The room sent puzzled and confused whispers buzzing throught the air.

     Jor'ean's face was so puzzled as he glanced at the other druids, their gazes reflecting confusion as well.

     Clearing his face and his voice, Jor'ean turned to Mithial.

     "Of course, Mithial. I would be happy to. We have three druid clans in High Peaks, perhaps you have more where you are from." Jor'ean began, looking pointedly at Mithial with the last statement, "They are broken into class by their magic. The Green Clan practice healing and earth magic. Their patron God and Goddess are Belous and Belin. The gods of nature. The Blue Clan are philosophers and use the magic of the mind, illusions and such. They are also peacemakers and advocates of court. Their patron God and Goddess are Rikiit and Innish. The gods of air.  The Brown Clan are our greatest warriors. Druids trained in the art of war, assasination, and weapon forging. They forge all of our magical weapons. Their patron God and Goddess are Malinough and Ryland. The god of fire and war."

     Jor'ean finished speaking by returning to his chair and folding his hands in front of him.

     Mithial sat quietly, his lips pursed, arms folded across his chest. Corleen, on the other hand, seemed to show no intrest at all in the proceedings at all. Eating fruit contentedly from her plate.

     "Well," Mithial said finally, "that is very interesting. I have met with the gods of course, but I did not realized they were patrons to anyone, much less other druids. Didn't even know other druids existed."

     People nearby, including the druids themselves, gasped, and again, whispers began to circulate around the room.

     "Not know the other druids exist?" started General Hi'sin, "how is that possible? The only way one can become a White Druid is to first be a member of another clan. How did you obtain such an honor if you first were not a Blue, Green, or Brown?"

      Everyone in the room, by this is point, was staring in amazement at the head table. Even the youngest child in the Realm knew these things.

     Mithial looked at the people in the room, slowly, ending with his mate Corleen. Though he didn't say anything, Corleen looked up from her plate and stared at him. They sat, staring fixedly for several long seconds, before Corleen cocked an eyebrow and leaned to look around Mithial at the druids on the other end of the table. She shrugged and turned back to her plate after a moments pondering of the men.

     Mithial returned his gaze to Jor'ean.

     "This is....very interesting." he said, smiling.

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