I have been applying to and trying to get a job for a few months now. Actually let me back up first a little. I had a job at a local retailer but there was a new policy that if you weren't able to do after a verbal and written warning you would be fired. (Side note: to date as soon as this policy was in effect the turnover rate has been high.) I knew I was great at the job itself but with the new policy in effect with trying I still wasn't able to get to the requirement. So rather than have a termination on my record and look bad I gave 1 month formal notice. Normally I wouldn't quit a job without having another one lined up, but I had a feeling this wasn't the case.

I am a person that believes things happen for a reason and I don't believe in coincidences. So this past Winter besides volunteering as a caregiver for someone in the family, I was able to really concentrate on my spirituality since I had been going almost 2 years without no study or practice because of my schedule. After re-dedication on my 15 years in Wicca, I have been feeling happy, more balanced, and ready to take on my job search.

So after searching and applying for a few months with no results, I finally had a change. The week before I was doing my weekly witchy reading from the Llewellyn 2017 companion and almanac.  My weekly chapter was called "The Dark Aspects of Bright Siding". Basically letting readers know that you can't just be positive and that you need to have actions WITH being positive, otherwise you end up disappointed. I've learned this before but never took it to heart until I read this chapter. My point is I was reading this and knew it was a message for me with my job searching because after reading, the Goddess put a thought in my head about what I need to do to change things from what I was doing to something with more action in it. I enjoy how the Higher Being gives us messages just as we need them. Actually alongside with that is the daily fairy tarot cards I have been reading. For the most part, the card for that day is a direct message for me. I can't wait until I complete the deck so I can do a reading and see how strong it will be then too. I am waiting because I want to understand these cards, just as I want them to understand me too. Good things come to those that wait I've heard in life and found out myself. After this understanding of what I needed to change and doing it, I got an interview for a position that I am excited about. I also brought along to keep in my pursebright green malachite gemstone which helps with business relationships.

I got the job and will be starting soon! I'm happy how this worked out because I will still have a balance with work and spirituality. Also, though this isn't my dream job (but I will be working hard and showing them what I can do), I will be working for a company that is my dream career (hospital). It will be a foot in the door to advance to the eventual career I want to have and make a difference in.

So again, I believe things happen for a reason. If my old company hadn't changed the policy at work, I wouldn't have had the idea to move forward in my career path closer to what I really want in life or to have my Wiccan path lit up more brightly. I think I will enjoy the journey as well as the destination at the end. Many things to learn and new experiences to have. Go for what you want in life!

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