thought of the week 3-19-10

As i shout at the mountian befor me to move aside and let me pass.the trouble that mounts up befor me in the form of a fomatable mountian of emotion. i stand small upon the foothills of dispair and knowing the path i must follow is laid with pitfalls. I pray at this moment to the God of my own creation to give me the fortitude to be watchful and be streagthen by the inner spirt of my own truthe.

as we walk along our paths they are always changing befor us. there are many great lessons to be learned along our ways.

Spring is comming with new growth to be handled with care in our spiritule growth. water it with love palnt it in a gated garden of your heart Take time to visist it often show off your new branches of your desires. to friends who wil apprecate your beuty.

remeber who you are and where you want to be. i admire all of you for what you have become ot me over the time we have know eachother. some of you have strted with just a few flowers of wisdom and no as i visit your garden again i see many new flowers of knowladge growing into a harmanized flow growth. Some have a large garden and i have asked for seeds from you to plant within my own Spiritule Garden. and they are growing with the same brilliance in color and lighrt as yours. for this i am greatful.

As my friends i offer to be a pathfinder through tough paths you will find on your mountians of trouble if i have passed through the same passes you face i may be helpful and likewise i may need your experances to help me through tough times in the mountians i face. spititule rock climbing can be fun if it is done with a guide who knows the terrain.

as always walk in peace and i wil walk with you.


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