To be forever, one soul, one Mind
To feel the time melt off and away
To run so far, and not look behind
Or to walk on without ever going stray.

To die, to dream, and forever be still
To feel decay tear the flesh and mold
Forever to lie, without anymore will
Or to run with the devil, soul sold.

Or to wake from a dream, so afraid
And to feel comfort from loving arms
Watching life untangle the twisted braid
And be free from the nightmares harm.

But to feel, oh to feel such a horrid thing
With feet firmly holding one down
To be poisoned, alone, a venomous sting
And to be able to do nothing but frown.

To escape, to fly free, on the wings of some bird
And to watch from the skies above
The speechbubbles filled with nonsense words
And to watch that last fatal shove.

To sing, to dance, to be merry of course
And to shout to the world for the while
To ride away on the back of a black sturdy horse
And to believe like a small bity child.

Dreams and memories.
Long forgotten hopes.
And dreams that came true.

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