i spent the morning cleaning up outside. then after my munchkin took a nap, we went to my doctors appt. that was an interesting appt. he upped some of my meds, took me off some, added some new ones, and planned bloodwork. so im back on my antidepresant, my mood stabilizer, and now hes upped my wellbutrin, and migraine med. he added nasonex for my allergies, and gave me antibiotics because he believes i have a serious sinus infection which he wasnt waiting for the ct to go thru my insurance, cause it takes forever, and he wanted to fix me pronto. i love my doctor. hes from the dominican republic, but he is excellent. he takes me at my word when i say theres a problem, not like another doctor i had that said my problems were psychosomatic. I wasted a year of my life and almost died because she couldn't be bothered to test to see if there was actually a physically reason for my problem. i wanted to sue her, but its not worth it. now im on 20 different meds, with a doctor who goes out of his way to help me. When he thinks theres something wrong, he does everything he can to fix it. his nurse his great too. linda is a sweetheart. she always has my back.

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