This is my personal memories of a life long passed i hope it helps others understand what those times really felt like from one who lived it.

In the brave-less tear struck street

On this Battle field they will meet

Flaming swords for Queen Ann Keep

Look there flaying in the street

Another beggar they've brought to his knees

Around each corner they creep

To Union Street they'll flea

Cowards don't you see

For not one will stand with me.

Creeping, crawling, sticky, tangled webs of lies they weave.

All in a attempt to be rid of those like me.

Once admired and loved now ridiculed for all to see.

Can't you smell it in the air??

The flames, the lies, oh yes that stench of death is everywhere.

In the street, in the house, even the sheds don't you see.

Those that where once just like me.

Now their all dead and those crusaders are on to me.

I see you there on the street looking back at me.

Round these streets they flow worse then that ole plague.

Black death it came with less rive rely.

This plague of man the bible, the lord, dear Jesus in their bands.

My how they have swept the lands,

They rape, they torture, accuses and refuse,

They burn our bodies to cleanse our so called evil ways.

The cross they bare once had power of humility a symbol of peace.

What as always been ours has been striped from us tainted and bloodied.

That cross now forever ever will be tainted with blood of innocents

Because of make believe.

We tried to fight we truly did

Our lives met with a resistance that was much to strong,

In hate there's power for it makes you more then you are

Our resistances is fading through death and false conversions.

Closer and closer they come praying through the streets to their god of make believe

Here they come looking for me.

Alone I am this battle at hand

Oh wait they stopped oh no just another person tried and killed for Heresy

You created this make believe

You gave our ways our rules

You honer our days our fests

You stole our symbols trying to make them your own

You planed your days and nights by us

You look to us for all your garden woes of when to plant and when to harvest.

Yet you came for us and still today you come for us.

When are you going to realize you came from us.

Yet there preach your murderous make believe in attempt for power and greed

A god of design with rules of man

You stole our history

You took our lands

You have killed millions in your quest for power and control

Closer closer I can smell you now, that superior stench

Knock Knock Bang Bang it has begun

Down my door they bust

By my hair I am drug

Accused of ancient mystery and loyalty to ways long sense outdated

Through the streets they spit at me.

Oh look theirs brother tom and sister sue,

I saved their daughters life with my witches brew.

Oh the beating hurts i am human to you see

Now the time has come to convict me

So young am i only 18 yet here i stand

My arms are bound my mouth is clamped shut.

Dirt fells from my clothes has they hoist me on the pit.

A cross wouldn't you know

Around my feet logs and sticks and hay oh me,

In the crowd i see countless people that a year ago loved me.

Now they mock me call me names,

Repent and save your soul give up your heritage your ways

Give us your money you soul and your body,

We will spare your life,

Denounce what you are and admit your evil ways

Or die by the hands of those you supposedly saved.

The tears in my eyes just can't be stopped

What did i do to deserve this on this day.

Oh that's right i already know I was born with magic or so they say

Little do they know their just as much a witch as me.

They might hide behind their masks their power and their greed

But in the end their skin burns just like me.

Through the tears i could hear them say

If you wish us to save your life accept Jesus and your life will be spared

For only this brief moment the gags where removed,

Just in time for me to say Screw You.

Kill me if it makes you feel more powerful

Remember this in the hour of my death

You make these choices to trade your souls for evil and hate

Remember these words that I'll take to my grave,

I am you sister your mother your friend,

On this day you shall murder me because on my life i have never abandoned thee

You came to my door you prayed for my help

I shared with you the wisdom of all ancient ways,

When your crops started producing, your children survived countless brushes of death

When you look to the sky to a heaven of make believe what you'll see

Is millions of years of history laid out for all to see,

I hope someday day you'll see you can't fight Karma with faultiness

The actions you take no god can remove

Your actions are you own as to are those repercussions,

My karma is clear for i have done all i ever could

To bring no harm and live in the good.

You take my life but not my soul

Though forever more from this day forth as my cries ring though the streets

As my blood and my flesh burn at your feet

You will be forever tied to me a debt of life after life you will have to me

For that is karma your bible even tells you so

You must reap what you sow

As you fade and the fire burns higher

I leave this body on a way to another.

You humans just don't see

Your soul equals infinity

You kill me now but i will rise again

Of this you have my guarantee

I'll fight this battle for as long as need be.

Author Notes This is a touchy subject and i suspect it will be met with unkind responses from some, but the joy of freedom of speech is that we all have the right to express ourselves, and though this may not sit well with some remember it is only history, its facts put into a poem form from my person perception, I hope you can read it with respect.

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