Not surprisingly, the RKN Tyr Blot is always really something special for me. I live my job with the law. It's a 24/7 vocation. When my clients succeed or fail, I have to share in that - whether I like it or not. My cell phone is on usually around the clock for my clients. Most of them are in dire straits and need sound advice. The wrong actions can easily result in families being sundered. For our ancestors, the legal fight was an attempt at substituting and alleviating the physical fight. What particularly struck me was the similarity of the Conflict.

We call out Tyr twice and carve the rune into our weapons for skill and luck in battle. Whatever the situation, where we need that edge, Tyr can help us.

We set up in front of the Maypole with a background of a fantastic Tiwaz flag hung upon it.

As usual, Jon opened up with the story of the making of the Giunngagap and a chant to Odin, Villi and Ve. The Hammer rite was performed by Eric Two Beards with some help from Rick. I invited Tyr to join us and went into the meditation. The focus was conflict. The fight. The struggle. The reasons for the struggle was irrelevant. When it hits the fan, the chips are down and the Big Crunch happens, what will you do? When your blood sings, let Tyr be your voice.

We then went into our standard three rounds for the symble, with some fantastic mead by Jay and Jen. The first round went to Tyr. The second and third rounds mostly honored the spirits and Landwights. It is with a really heavy heart that these rounds went, as this was the last RKN event at Jenn's home. This was land that truly was a presence and a gift that kept given us returns. But all things must end and this was no exception.

A special tip of the horn went directly to those Landvatir with our grateful thanks.

All was not endings as we had a new guest, Badger, join us.
(Ok, sure, he was at the last Blot too.)

Wes Thu Hal
David Carron

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