You heard me (or read me), ladies and gents! I'll be away from PS for about a week. I've found myself wasting so much time browsing forums, that my writing had begun to suffer. Can't call yourself a writer if you don't write, right? I've been outlining my second novel for over a two months now, and I really think that it's become an excuse to take it easy, screw off on forums, and chat with my friends. I'm still doing work! That... really hasn't needed to be done for weeks. =/

So, I need a few days to get the ball rolling. The first chapter is always the hardest, so I'm going to plunge right in, get myself into a good, steady flow, and worry about my craptastic beginning once I'm in the groove. I've set my first novel, Frost Moon, aside, mostly because I'm not very satisfied with the ending. I just can't make it work, so I'm going to let it cool down awhile. I've been stabbing at it since November so it's hard to be objective when I hate it so much right now. >_>

In any case, I'm signing off now. I may pop back online to throw out a progress post on Bedlams and Broomsticks over the next couple of days, and maybe here to let everyone know I'm still alive. XD

Wish me luck in getting moving again!


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