Update since I've been MIA for a while

This is my mini update for those of you who have been wondering where I've been. In the last few months my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, thankfully it wasn't small cell. He had the tumor removed, and is receiving chemo.. the doctor expects him to do very well, and recover. On Monday my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and will need operations to remove masses in both breasts. The cancer was caught early, however, so were expecting a full recovery as well. This will be my mothers second battle with cancer, having had melanoma about ten years ago. In addition to this she will also be needing back surgery early in 2010. I recently lost a very good friend of mine... it would be an understatement to say these last couple months have been hard. add in unnecessary drama, massive betrayal, and a messed up car, and you can probably guess my state of mind.

I'm not putting this up for pity, or to draw attention to myself or my life in general. I've noticed everyone seems to be going through some really difficult times lately, and i want you to know your not alone. It's odd but my primary source of hope lately has been postsecret.com, and the postsecret online community.. it's humbling to hear of other peoples struggles, and to see so many people being there for complete s

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