It is a word and alike as any other word, it can be interpreted innumerous ways and for countless reasons.

Accountable Violence and Unaccountable Violence!


Cavemen ( archaic / primitive men/women in the Paleolithic times / Ancient times ), they had to be Violent in order to Survive, in order to eat / to feed themselves and to protect themselves.


I call that Unaccountable Violence because it is about survival / self-preservation and it depends upon what is it going to be, either it is you or whatever it is against you and threatening your existence.


In our times, a common example of being prepared to survive even if what it might take is Violence is the example of the newly-married couple, or yet, the family/unit of spouses and their children / offspring at peacefully at their home.

Suddenly in the middle of the night, there is loud noises occurring downstairs and/or in some other part of the house.

The Alpha Human-Being and/or the Man of the house, yes, he/she may feel (what we all would feel, some uneasiness, some apprehension, some anxiety that something bad or unpleasant will happen...

But we all set aside our FEAR and we pick up the baseball bat, and/or something else or a weapon, and we still do what must be done, we walk downstairs or to the part of the house in order to investigate, to find out what is it happening there and in order to defend our home, to defend our sovereignty, our family, our very own selves and also, perhaps against the might-be violence of others.


In other words, we do what we have to do, we too, we can be Violent and Brutal if it is what it takes to survive, to protect ourselves, our family, our home.

In the early days, in the olden times of survival by hunting, we had to be Violent in order to eat and feed ourselves and our family.






That type of Violence is a part of us, a part of this Species a.k.a. Human Beings!

We still kill and eat Other animals.

We still kill and eat other types of Living Existence / species such as plants, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits and leaves!

We still use and abuse live elements such as Water, Fire, Air and Earth.


Life is made of changes, we do not like to acknowledge that when we bite on live piece of fruit and kill it between our teeth, we are amidst a sacred rite of passage, an alchemical marriage between us and that what we eat/feed into ourselves while we’re here in this elemental world and time-band.


It sounds Brutal and Violent but it is a part of all Existence, when we die, we feed the Earth, the Air, the Fire and the Water back with our temporary joint-journey-venture “Elemental Body/vehicle”.


The elements get to return home and fall off formation as they hear loud and clear - At Ease, Dismiss!

And off, they go to their lovely realms and our Light gets to wander off to our own realms and time-bands and just as well.


In The Bigger Picture

In the bigger picture, we must evolve enough to realize that Existence is eternal and infinite.

We must evolve enough to keep and to own the fact that “NOTHING EVER ENDS”, it merely changes, transforms eternally and infinitely!

All the “Construction and Destruction”, all the labeled Good and labeled Bad of this World, they are NOT what they seem to our journeys from cradle to grave within this pathetic One-Life-At-A-Time (limited/censored) PERCEPTION ( awareness / consciousness / cognizance / realization ).

We all are made of Changes. All changes and so do we!

If you consider that beyond this Species’ many invented Belief and Language, beyond its many invented Values and Ways of Conduct, at some point we all learn, get to know, experience and own the reality that nothing gets destroyed permanently, nothing dies permanently, nothing ends permanently.

Never did, never will and all the Codes of Values based upon Construction and Destruction are mistaken and faulty for not including the fact that we and everything are made of eternal and infinite changes.

We play on earth on our journeys from cradle to grave, sometimes we are very brutal, sometimes we are not.

Sometimes we play the ones who eat / we are fed and sometimes we play the ones who feed and we are eaten.

It is all a part of who we are.

Violence in its benign mode, it may be called an absence of fear and concern for consequences for the sake of a greater need and of greater good.

We all get to play the ball, folks but equally so we all get to play the bat too!


Brutal? Yes!

Well, but it is us – human beings and folks, this is the best we can do at this point of our own Evolution.


Violence In Different Ways...

It can be held Accountable!


The employment of physical/material force/strength/power in order to harm, to abuse, to dominate, and/or to destroy others and their assets.

Also the intentional usage/employment of physical/material/tangible strength, might/power & force in order to threaten oneself, or another person, or against a group of people, and/or against a community, resulting in / causing direct and indirect harm/damage/injury, destruction/death, psychological abuse & harm, censorship/limitations and deprivation to others.


World-wide Violence offers lifelong consequences for physical and mental health and for social functioning!

And folks,  it is bad for the economy and bad for social development & progress.


Collective Violence, or rather Structural Violence and Economic Violence are perpetrated by Governments, Big Business and Big Religion.

They are ordinarily committed in order to advance a particular Social / Politico / Commercial and/or Religio Agenda, for instance such as crimes of hate committed by Organized Groups, Terrorist acts and Mob violence.

Political Violence includes War and very large numbers of people are abused, killed / destroyed.

Associated violent conflicts, state violence and similar acts carried out by larger groups.


Economic/Fiscal Violence includes attacks by larger groups motivated by Economic Gain / Greed – such as attacks carried out intentionally in order to disrupt targeted economic activity, and/or denying access to essential services, or yet, creating economic separation and dissolving of assets and elimination of means.


Poverty, lack of means increase the level of expression of Violence in human beings which are affected by them.

Low income/wages, genders & sexual preferences inequality, the abusive use of alcoholic drinks & social drugs, they increase the level of expression of Violence in human beings which are affected by them.


The lack of healthy, stable, well-educated/well-informed/intelligent/wise & supportive relationships between children and parents, it also increases the level of expression of Violence in human beings.


Of course, mental and physical health and socio-politico-religio & commercial cultural individual Responses & Personalities always played an important factor in the Making / Formation of any “individual and/or collective” Conduct of anybody on earth.


Well, there you have a good/well-meant promenade on the definitions and on the many colours and sounds of the word Violence and its myriad of expressions at this time, by this Species and in this world.

We will evolve!


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon (Sky of Padilha)

p.s. No wonder, other Species might cringe in horrors at the thought of us (human beings) coming to visit their home planets, constellations & galaxies.

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