warrior reborn and testing sonar power

"Sacred Bat...flew to me,
From the darkness of the cave.
Womb-like reflections,
Answers it gave.
Birth, death, rebirth,
Cycles of the whole....
just eclipsed,
The journey of the soul."
[Medicine Cards..Jamie Sams and David Carson]

Bat told to always be my Father-Protector standing at my left. Will give me courage to find my warrior spirit.

I do hope that my soul is on a journey. Feel that the journey neither began or end within my lifetime. Then my purpose must be to prepare the warrior of the soul for this never-ending battle, maybe by equipping her with as many tools I can gather in this lifetime.

Cycles, circles or oscillations of a wave. I remember not so long ago I felt trapped in a circle, doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. This hurting me deeply and causing a loss of hope. I'm not sure how I feel about this new take on cycles being never-ending. If it is the journey then around around we go, what could be the purpose of that? So maybe we are meant to travel that way. What may change is just what exists inside and outside the circle as time passes. As I encounter these entities/energies/spirits what effect shall I ripple out to influence things for the greater good of existence? Is this what my warrior must courageously continue to strive for?

Ok so who is this Father-Protector? I'd really like to trust and get to know him. Be nice to understand what this can feel like. Lost my father at age 3, he kinda gave up on life (and maybe in some ways I feel he gave up on me, so is that why I mentioned trust just now?). Though throughout my life there have been father figures, to have one that I know will always stand next to me is something I'd like to know/feel/sense.

What means "eclipsed"? My understand of that word would be what within (the earth) experiences and possibly affected by when to objects in concentric paths from our point of view touch or intersect each other. Wow, this brings many feelings/thoughts into this self. I dunno if I can comprehend even the slightest of those at this time. I haven't even gotten to know much what I feel like is within me. Maybe it takes understanding of those on the outer points in space to somehow define what lies at the center.

This reminds me of something I heard of the theory behind the circles implied/hidden but also sometimes visible found in many Icelandic staves. I'm not sure if I remember well or correctly what I was told. Something about the center circle representing our internal magician? and maybe the second circle being his outward effect on everything around us. Then the last circle was I think what influences come back towards that center self.

Not sure how to tie this all together. Hmm, yes the Bat, what medicine can nature teach me? What do I know about bats. They navigate and acquire targets through sonar, basically certain frequency of sounds waves which bounce off their target and are then sensed by the bat. It's coming together some with the above concepts but I'm fighting a feeling of tiredness and lack of strength to continue with such abstract relationships this late into the night. Fighting too against brain drain coming from the stresses of the day. Want though to see this one as clearly and naturally as the Mouse.

Man, how specifically does this apply to my day to day experiences? And what else does nature have to say? Bats hang upside down and drink blood right? I think so. They are also nocturnal.

Wow, I think I gotta come back to this one. I'm worn out, too much thinking now and these past few weeks. My heart and body need to step up now and help me fight.

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on August 15, 2009 at 7:37am
Ok so who is this Father-Protector? This is the strength that lies within the you, it is the wise reason within the self , thinking and proceeding with caution or thinking before one acts , in doing so we are protected [ running a muck, running blind ]. In days of old a eclipses were concitered bad luck , and a time when everything begins to run backwards perhaps a time of difficulty is approaching perhaps even death the end of something within ones life , perhaps a cycle that one has been on to me a form of change is approaching ' hold tight ' MP


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