Watch out I'm in a mood today, (this is a warning)

Watch out I'm in a mood today, (this is a warning)

Dr. appointments yesterday, yep plural, sucks to be me on those days.

Any way's, ended up at the teaching hospital and of course being a strong advocate for education I agreed to let an intern help with my case, seeing I am what the Dr. calls an anomaly, translation, I should be dead and bones by now and I ain' I am not only not dead, I am still active, as in working the farm and training horses, and dogs and helping out folks less fortunate than me.

So I have three or four 20 something folks hauling me all over the hospital for all these different test and finally we make it back to all of us in the same room.

Apparently these young dr wanna be's haven't realized that patients aren't  They are in a huddle by a table with all these lap tops on it, apparently with the results of all the test and one little girl (as in size) pops off so who gets the short straw and tells this woman she has a terminal illness...Me being me bust's out laughing. They all jump and turn, with perfect little kid I got caught looks on their faces and I laugh harder. I hop out of the wheel chair they insist you sit in and walk over to the very red faced young dr.'s and said to the little one, sweety breathing is a terminal illness if they haven't told you that yet in your studies. But life is for living, not dying. So write me up a couple of scripts for antibiotics, pain pills, give me a shot of iron and ya'll come down to the farm next week end and help fix fense and have a cook out, okay. Maybe we can go riding if you care to, I hear the weather is going to be beautiful and went to find my cloth's to get dressed. Hell I only came because the herbs weren't strong enough to fight off the upper respiratory infection and my pain script  was up, so don't worry yourselves.

So I'm going to be in a mood for the next week, because the chem. meds always mess with me. They shut down my extra senses and I'm flying blind without any gauges to tell me to shut up, because I'm upsetting someone. So I apologize before hand, for all the stupid stuff I will say for the next week...m.k

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Comment by Doctem on February 26, 2014 at 12:20pm
How do you approach Death considering your tradition and your current condition?


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