Well in the dream I see a Tornado I do seem to be in a building every single time.

This time  I was excited to see it again and frighten! I am not a storm chaser that's crazy!

 In my dream this time I was in a  middle class suburban neighborhood!  Houses were colonial like One was yellow light yellow. 

I remember this black guy light skinned was  telling me we needed to get in the house now like I knew him and all.  So  we was hiding down the  well built house  with his daughters and other people he was talking bout how he built this house and  boiler  was safe and such and they was talking about,  this  stuff they built .

I went upstairs to see about my family and wondering were, they was how much of a rush it was   and the  made me come back down find a spot to  hide as we could feel the  pressure build up!

I woke up! Hubby woke me up!


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Comment by Alle Franz on January 13, 2015 at 4:25am

I used to have twister dreams a LOT as a child. Usually these dreams occur during a time of my life when things are getting stressful and there were a lot of changes. I guess I felt that they were personification of my feelings of not being in control of my life and just watching life take you in whatever direction it wanted. Some tornado dreams were exciting where I chased the tornadoes and some are of me getting chased and seeking shelter...those were the scary ones. Tornadoes are natural disasters and like life you can prep for them all you like but you just cannot prevent them.

Comment by Lycus Adaire Earthsong on July 17, 2015 at 2:40am

I get these a lot when I move to the mountains. Multiple tornadoes at once, house being turned and flipped. I've been told they represent change. Wind in a dream is usually change. For me tornadoes in a dream are telling me I'm ignoring or not noticing hints.


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