I posted the following in response to a discussion started by Ritalin-Bunny entitled "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together?".  It was intended to show that even though we are individuals, we are also all connected.

As I see it, each of us is an endpoint of awareness in an extension of All.  We are the mirror by which the Comprehensive Intelligence regards Itself.  The idea of "free will" is for the purpose of expression by this Entity from any possible perspective.  If all of these infinite perspectives were predetermined, then the potential for Self-expression would be limited by the boundaries of their individual definitions.  As far as I know, there are no limits at all.  The farther we reach, the more we see beyond.

Though I have a sense of my own identity as separate from all else, I also sense a Mind behind my own that is solely concerned with interest, without judgement.  I cannot conceive of being separate from that subliminal mind, since I am its expression.  I will exist as long as I continue to express my identity.  The body I inhabit is the nexus of infinite possibilities that converge in the same spectrum of awareness that is shared by you and everyone with whom I interact.  My body ceases to exist when I no longer maintain this frequency range, but that doesn't mean my identity dies.  I simply tune to a different bandwidth.  You may choose to quit, though, if you believe you have to.

While I'm here, however, I'm "free" to focus my attention on any appealing stimulus.  I choose, for instance, to believe that the rules of my particular adventure can be used to my greater advantage in navigating this life.  Where my experience overlaps yours, the rules may appear to be similar, but I think your rules are established by your own beliefs.  When it seems like the rules of the game favor certain people, it's because they do!  

I take what authority in my choices that I believe I am able to, and I thereby improve my experience.  However, while I share this bandwidth (plane of existence) with you, I am also subject to the effects ofyour choices, insofar as your set of rules coincides with mine.  The rules by which we individually experience this plane are part of and inseparable from our individual beliefs.  As our beliefs evolve and change, so do the rules.  Will is the direction we travel; rules are the edges of the path we choose.

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