October (Winterfyllith - Gormanudhr - Hunting) 14th
Winternights (Vetrarblot, Alfarblot)
In the old Icelandic Calendar, Winter begins on the Satyr's day between October (Hunting) 11th and 17th. However, this holiday may move about in the calendar so as to occur when the seasons are noticeably changing. Winter Nights also celebrates the bounty of the now completed harvest, but more importantly, honors the Alfs, Disir and Huldfolk. It also honors Odin and/or Perchta as leaders of The Wild Hunt (or Furious Host) which is thought to be beginning around now. The mood of Winternights is one of conserving resources against the scarcities of the coming cold season. This is the time of year when the animals which could not be fed through the coming winter were killed and the meat preserved. Usually at least one such animal was the subject of sacrifice with the kin eating the holy meat during feast. Libations of ale, milk, or mead are traditionally poured onto the earth as an offering. Apples may be offered to the Alfar. Hay may be given to Sleipnir, Odin's mighty steed thus marking the kindred's home as one that welcomes and respects the Furious Host.
On this day (now I live in Arizona so our Winter Nights is next month) myself and my friends and family will be raising a horn to the Disir and the Huldfolk and I will be giving special thanks to Ulrr and Hiemdial for all that have been given in my life, as well as our traditional Blot and Sumble. We will also be playing games like Kubb, Glima and Archery.

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