Once again; on a lighter note this time, I wanted to talk about the "Magick Words." So many young witches do not feel comfortable writing their own spells, rituals and prayers because they feel they don't know the magick words. I am here with a little (okay...not so little) antic dote to show you that you can do it yourself; after all, it is all about intent and belief. In the words of William Shakespear, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

My son; Phil, decided a couple of years ago that he was going to order a computer built for him so that he could update as he needed to. Then, he began ordering upgrades with his income tax return last year and again this year; after his components started to arrived was when he came to me to show him how to install them. (Now; I took computer programming in school, when our programming board was 12"X12" and we used alligator clips and copper wire to connect the nodes.) However; I'm always willing to learn something new, so I've been researching and assisting with the rebuild for the last year.

Last night we were in the process of another upgrade, this one to double his RAM and he wanted to change to an i7 processor. First we switched out the RAM from 2 -- 4GB cards to 2 -- 8GB cards then checked if the computer was working...we got nothing! Then; thinking the RAM was no good, we switched back to the old RAM cards...nothing again! OMG we burnt out the processor (we thought) so we installed the new processor...now its not even registering that the computer is turned on!!

Long story short at this point; we tried every possible combination of the two new, two old and each new with each old component that we had. Something still wasn't right and the computer wasn't running at all! I can assure you that the computer components were working before we started,  he was online checking on the installation of the processor just before we started. So why wasn't it running even with the original parts in there?

At this point we were both getting more than a little bit stressed. I am thinking to myself that I must have done something to destroy his computer and he is thinking that he must have done something. He said that we would try just one more time to put it back together and then he was going to call Geek Squad to figure out what was wrong with it. We were both about in tears thinking about the original $1000 that he had spent and the $1500 worth of upgrades that were in that tower in front of us. AAAHHHHHH!!

That's when my witchy determination kicked in...I wasn't going to let Geek Squad take any more of Phil's money! We could do this; I knew we could do it, my brother does it all the time! Not to mention he (my brother) taught me XHTML and CSS over the phone because I just grasped the concept.

I took a deep, meditative breath and released it slowly. I looked at Phil and said, "It is going to work this time!" Then I did a little dance around the room while chanting "Oh...Old Gods of technology, You fathers who have created this mess! Show us what we need to do to fix the problem! Phil was looking at me then like you are looking at the screen now...so I said "Hey it can't hurt to ask for a little help. I told you it will work, we just need to use the magick words."

I then proceeded to put the i5 processor back into the slot. As I picked it up; I said, "You will work this time, you little b***h." Then I placed it where it goes and as I closed the framing that holds it; I said, "Get in there you little sl**. I know you'll work this time you little two timing wh***!" Then I told Phil to remember the magick words...LOL...and did the same when I put in the old RAM. We plugged everything back in, turned the computer back on again and...it worked! So I decided, why not, and I tried the new RAM; doing the same steps as before, and it worked again! Now Phil has his upgraded computer and he decided that he doesn't need to upgrade the processor for that much RAM so he is returning the i7.

So the moral of my little story; it doesn't matter what magick words you use. All that matters is your intent and belief in your spell or ritual. Most people have magick words for many things in their everyday life. The magick words for my truck are "Oh please baby, don't leave me stuck here in the middle of nowhere." And the little prayer dance (hand motion) that goes with that are a rub and pat on the dashboard. What are some of your daily magick words? Now just expand that concept and begin to write your own spells for other reasons!

Just a happy little story to pass my time on a snowy day. I hope everyone else has a great night. Until next time...Blessed Be...Sheila The Summer Goddess Online B-O-S

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Comment by Melissa Selby on February 1, 2013 at 12:16am

I loved this post! It made me laugh and smile, as well as provide your great insight! Thank you for the great post! Warmest blessings! =)

Comment by Sheila Wenninger on February 1, 2013 at 10:21am

I'm glad you liked the post...it is easy to laugh about it now but when we were trying to fix the computer that night it wasn't so funny. I decided to say I was going to "use the magick words" just to lighten up the tension in the room. :)


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