seems like everyone is just trying to piss me off. my mother in law got on my case cause the house wasnt as clean as she'd like it to be. seems to me if she doesnt like it, she could help out. if not then stfu. i spend all day cleaning and its still not good enough. then my husband sits on his ass looking at porn all day and wonders why i get pissed off. he complained cause i read romance novels, so i stopped, hoping it would curb his porn thing. but it didnt. seems like if we dont have sex every day, hes looking for it somewhere else. and he wonders why im jealous. and yes i have told him this. he just says im jealous of everyting and i need to be less sensitive. well he can kiss my rosy red.....well you get the picture. and then my mother in law is have a hissy fit cause my father in law is coming home today. she always gets pissy when he comes home. i wish he'd just stay away. it would make everyone including him happier, cause all he does is bitch when he's home anyway. today is one of the days i wish i could drink. id get so drunk that the stress would just roll off me. but i have a headache and that puts me in a bad mood. right now the only ones i can stand are my kids. my youngesst is going to his grandparents tonight, and i have to take my oldest to the doctors tomorrow. what fun that will be. we are having him checked out cause we think he has add. as if we didnt't have enough problems. feels like the world is out to get us sometimes. we just keep having runs of bad luck. but hopefully that will change, when the ssi goes through. if it does. i just keep hoping, cause thats all i have left. i am so depressed.

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