I gave Tomas a present we did prayers  bakes some stuff.

Christmas even fought with my brother as usual and  opened  up presents.    Drama drama drama ! We went to  dinner at a restaurant afterwards went home.

Today  relaitves called from the South were was  their cards and such and they could not send anything cuz of it cuz hubby did not send anything.

Oh yeah last night hubby  wanted to put presents in the closet lol and hide them? I was like okay?  What our you from Dulce base I told him lol! 

Then this monring  cousin calls and  asks what we doing she is in the south do you not og over his  my brothers house you did last year? I was like NO last year I was at your house lol!

I was like  okay I  feel a feel mistakes in the Matrix here lol!

Today we make steaks and chill out.

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