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At 3:30pm on November 19, 2019, Meridian - The Idaean said…

Thank you CG, seems I'm back.

At 10:23pm on August 3, 2019, Immortal Spiritual Being said…

Hi Celestial! Thank you for the gift your certainly a friend worth keeping I wish you well for all the days of your life and may the force of unconditional love be with you always so goodbye and take care your friend as always IS-BE!

At 6:05pm on August 2, 2019, Spooky said…

A small excerpt... Call me a liar again Josh :)


Spooky <3

At 4:40pm on August 02, 2019, dalbidh iain von kleistenfel gave Celestial Goddess a gift
thank you for the gift. i was once very active of fiesty witches until i had a disagreement with the owner and i left PS but i am gearing up to be your best member. love and best wishes dalbidh iain
At 6:22pm on August 01, 2019, Steven Hutchinson gave Celestial Goddess a gift
At 7:54pm on July 29, 2019, Cypriana Terrane said…

At 11:08am on July 29, 2019, Lunaril Larentia said…

Hey Thank you for the compliment, and for sending me a friend request :D

At 12:45am on July 29, 2019, Fiona said…

I saw your post, and I agree with everything you had to say. Spooky and his friends were nothing but a bunch of petty bullies. PaganSpace used to be active. I am one of the first people to join pagan space. 

I joined in 2008, and whatever you said would be on page 10 in a second.  It was fun, exciting, it was probably the best pagan website in the world. Then came the petty bullies or the cry bullies whatever you want to call them. 

No matter how much I tried to keep this site active Spooky, Rose, Neph, did nothing but harass me. They also harassed others.  They were never above anything. 

People already have stress in real life. People have work-related stress; family-related stress, when people come online, they are tired of the shit they're dealing with in real life, and they want some basic human decency. 

Spooky, Rose and Neph made each and every single thread about me, to chase me out of pagan space.  And PaganSpace was dying. There were already like 10 different threads saying, "Why is PaganSpace dying?"  And they got their answer with Spooky, Rose, and Neph.  I mean, if a website is dying, why are you deliberately trying to chase people out so that it's only a space for you and your friends? You'll have to learn to share a website with a wide range of people.  If you only like 5 different people. Then there are literally groups for that. 

Just have a private group and only talk to people that you approve of. Instead of trying to kick everybody who tries to keep this website active out of it. 

If you see 10 threads that you do like, and 1 thread that you don't like. Instead of trying to bully people into stop being active, why not be a positive Polly and participate in the threads you do like? 

But if you harass everybody you don't like out of pagan space. And you only like 5 people. Don't be surprised if the activity were to drop down to only 5 people. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to paint myself as innocent. Because I kept getting bullied and harassed. Many of the threads I began to start were troll threads. 

But you'd get sick and tired of trying to be nice to people who just want to be mean to you. There needs to be civility on this website or people would give up trying to be nice. Being nice as well as being rude is a side. What you get from me is how you treat me. If you're nice to me, I'd be nice back. If you're rude to me, I'd be rude back. It's as simple as that.  If you kick somebody in the shins, don't be surprised if that person were to punch you in the nose. 

I always thought that if Spooky, Rose, and Neph wanted to see what nasty is, they should take a look in the mirror. 

At 1:02am on July 26, 2019, Eckart said…

Hi Celestial Goddess I´m new on this site and I found you through an e-mail who came to me. Be careful of Chei-Chen I think she is a spammer. I got a lot of such nonsense also in the past !!!

Have a great Day in LA.

Love and Light


At 2:32am on July 25, 2019, Chei Chen said…


I'm Chei-Chen, a Taiwanese, i write briefly to seek your collaboration in a project for  us, contact me on my email below only else i might not get your message. Reply to my private e-mail: chei_chen91@yahoo.com

Best regards


At 12:28pm on July 24, 2019, Cypriana Terrane said…

At 3:29am on July 24, 2019, Steven Hutchinson said…

I am delighted to welcome you to Pagan Space.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Abundance,


At 2:27am on July 24, 2019, Cypriana Terrane said…

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