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Falling spinning madness, into the depths, drowning in the deep, beautiful fury, throughout time and space I fly, rolling thunder, flashing light, I come. Ever knowing, ever not, into the light of…Continue


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I am a heathen from the SW MO, an area known as the Ozarks, a land of trees, hills and water, it is rumored to be inhabited by hillbillies and ghosts. Well Folks, they do exist, some would say I'm living proof. I always tell everyone I'm a Hellbilly, which is different than your everyday, run of the mill, slack jaw hillbilly. Hellbillies listen to stuff like ICP, GWAR and Disturbed, when their not pickin on their resonator and listening to bluegrass. Hellbillies normally get a little extra education, have above average IQ's and are skilled in the arts, they are slightly narcissistic, so they believe they are the art. Hellbillies move out of state, living in the fast lane of the city for many years, observing how the other people live, but can never really figure out why they want to. Then the hills start calling, and its call can not be denied, so home they come. They buy land in the woods far from the city, they have bulldogs and chickens. They make the forest better, and she gives them her wood in return. they can live off the land if needed, but don't really need to. They believe in truth and honor, and are willing, and able to stand and fight to defend either. Gameness is their middle name, and their hearts beat to the power of Thors Hammer. They are gentle, never drawing first blood, but becoming The Storm if provoked. Their will is iron, their truth is the truth, there's fire burning in their veins from ancient fires, eternity dwells within their soul, their heart is scarred and battered by love and hate, but its still willing and strong. Their hands create beauty, their touch is blissful and overpowering, it can take your breath away in the nicest of ways, or pound the enemy into submission. In their mind they are forever, even after the Mother turns their mortal shell to dust, they will always be. They are one of Odins, they are one with Odin, they are The Storm that Dwells in the Ghost Garden waiting for Ragnarok, they are me!
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Falling spinning madness, into the depths, drowning in the deep, beautiful fury, throughout time and space I fly, rolling thunder, flashing light, I come.

Ever knowing, ever not, into the light of the dark, far from the path I stray, mindless madman, wise and knowing, sky fire for friend, far away yet close by, I come.

Burning with fire, cold as ice, glorious rapture, impending doom, ghost that haunts you, thing you can not find, drawn to unknown powers, stumbling and unsure, among dark hordes I stand alone, I come.

Mystery and fate, fearless abandon, onward I go, relentless and driven, forever I be, I am because I am, terrible darkness brilliant and shining, iron willed, magnificent beast, strong yet weak, untold wonder, I come.

Lustful and wanting, giving and taking, raging against the dark, blinding light tis I, battlerage to the wicked, treading where no one dares, losing myself in the vast void, I am the path, onward I drive, against all odds, I come.

Downward frenzy, spiralling upward, unrelenting force of nature, cutting with words, I need a sign, calling on spirits, dream warrior, I enter through thought, sweet poison, untamed desire, I come.

I am the darkest light, unstoppable specter of things to come, the memory of the future, the past awakened, bringing power and chaotic glory, Wild with the fever of mysteries, I come.

Into freezing fire, fierce and unyielding I go, unbendable steel, I cut through the night, riding the storm, dark churning clouds before me, dancing sky fire, I come.

Hildolfr Draugadrottin, aka GhostGarden


In blackened sky I fly, over my Mother where I died.

Rumbling in the distance you hear us coming, to the fire you come running.

The sky be filled with blinding fire, churning and twisting with dark desire.

The wind sings its dark song, screaming for the end of all that is wrong.

Sky fire dances its deadly dance, snapping whips of fire, white hot lance.

As we come the Mother shakes, deadly forces falling in our wake.

Blinded with the fury, we shall bring ruin to the unworthy.

Swirling mass of shocking might, strong and battleready we come to fight.

Old Gold Comb has crowed, what comes now shall not be slowed.

The Valkyries war cries fill the air, the dark ones flesh they shall tear.

In flashing light you see our might, dark hearted ones tremble with fright.

The Old Ones before us are dying, and we shall follow, Wodan's men are riding.

The Shining One I be, brilliant nightmare for all to see. Enemy of Loki, who comes by sea.

In the darkness my Axe shines like the sun, before my father Wodan the deed shall be done.

As sharp as a thousand razors she sings for battle, to slay dark angles like they are cattle.

Skin like iron, heart of fire, never ending spiral of fury, the fire grows higher.

Blood Oath has been taken, all else shall be forsaken. as Jormungand rises the Mother is shaken.

Upon the Mother my blood be flowing, but I shall take many with me before my going.

Blurred vision of the Grey One falling, ears are ringing and death is calling.

Hacked and torn the Shining One fades, all the time adding blood to the blade.

Stumbling and swaying, I wish for the sky, eyes growing dim, my body is failing

I feel the Mothers kiss upon my face,
I must go now, I must leave this place.

My Valkyrie I do see, through dark hordes she comes for me.

Fire from the sky surrounds thee, and back into the storm she carries me.

Spinning black maddened sky, far above the place I die.

Hildolfr Draugadrottin
Learning to forge blades, Leather working, (mainly gun holsters), Shooting, Playing guitar, and collecting music gear, tricking out guitars, Forestry, Gardening, Plant Breeding, Animal Breeding, Art, Woodworking, Writing poetry every once in a while, collecting hand made glass, making jewelry. Gun, blade and old tool collecting, Book collecting, Brewing, which I haven't done for awhile now, I will start again once I get old lol.
My Gods and Goddesses.
I've never had a mortal hero, except for myself lol.
How did you find PaganSpace?
A web search for Heathens.

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The Founder of Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Everyone holds to their own truth in their hearts. I hope you have found yours. Love n Light
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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." ~Charles Darwin~ I hope you welcome the changes of life.
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Full Moon blessings to you.  I would like to extend a special invitation to you to join me on a journey of a lifetime.  A journey toward a new era of consciousness as we approach the dawning of 2012.  http://www.paganspace.net/group/2012awareness

Lady Moonheart


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