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Fantasy Romance Author: Judith Leger

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I write Paranormal/fantasy romance!
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Writing is my way of life!!

It's been a while since I've been here. Life...what can I say?

Since then, alot has happened.

First: My first full length novel, Love's True Enchantment, will be released on 11.13.09.
Second: My novella length, Heart's Reunion will be out on 11.04.09.
Both books will be at , , and at

Hope you go check them out!

I've contracted two more stories. One a very short story. A fantasy thriller. The other is a full length novel contracted with Wild Child Publishing. I'm in the middle of edits right now.


I love to write about out of the ordinary things! All kinds of mystical, magical places and people.

My favorite past time when I'm not writing or reading is to watch anime! Love the BLEACH series!

Orihime and Ulquirra...could they become a couple? Is he beginning to show that he does have a heart where Orihime is concerned? Probably not but I can still imagine!
I absolutely LOVE dragons! I've been working on a dragon series for several years now. Not sure if it will ever see the light of day but who knows, I might get brave enough to send it out.

Speaking of dragons. My upcoming release is full of dragons and wizards.

Here's the cover and blurb:

A vision, a wish, and a journey plagued by evil.

Cold, desolate cliffs and a white dragon’s blue gaze captures Seren Jordan in a terrifying vision. A universe away, Captain Paladin Fulcan struggles to overcome his grief after losing his wife and son. Seeing a shooting star, he makes a wish. But here on Avaris, wishes are forbidden and love forsaken. This throne-less dragonseed king’s destiny is intertwined with a mortal mate to create the One True Dragon King to rule over all the dragons. Yet, there are forces determined to prevent the birth of this baby. Paladin and Seren want their baby and struggle to keep the encroaching danger from overcoming them.
My upcoming novel from The Wild Rose Press is LOVE'S TRUE ENCHANTMENT!
If you want to check it out, go to, www.thewildrosepress.com


Illusionist, Shay Evers, seeking to right the wrong committed against her twenty four years ago, finds Caitlyn. At first sight, he is surprised at the strength of his attraction toward her. It’s an unexpected complication to his task. He has two weeks to convince her that magic is real. If he fails, she will die from the curse on her.

Magic is for fools, and Caitlyn Reiley is no fool. A news reporter, she is chosen for the coveted task of interviewing Shay at his home in Wales. Determined to prove that his magic is fake, she seeks the truth about him. When Shay starts to haunt her dreams and spark her passion, her beliefs are threatened and she battles with her growing desire for Shay. As the clock ticks, will the unlikely pair discover that love’s true enchantment will keep them together or will time run out?


Deep purple midnight surrounded her. Stars twinkled everywhere. Sitting up, she blinked at their brilliance.

“I’m dreaming,” she whispered. “But it’s so real.”

She lifted her hand and dusty sparkles followed, leaving a trail like a shooting star. This was the strangest dream. Instead of fear bubbling inside her at the unknown surroundings, she felt secure in the glittering darkness.

Footsteps moved toward her, and from the purple blackness before her, Shay Evers appeared. Her heart skipped a beat. Blood started to pound in her veins. That slow, long-legged stride so unique to him brought him to her. He knelt before her and smiled.

“Hello, Caitlyn.” Amethyst eyes shone with an inner light.

She smiled, joy overriding everything else. “I’m dreaming.”

He grinned. His hand lifted and came to rest just above her left breast. “Are you? A sweet dream?”

“Oh, yes,” she sighed, leaning forward. Her fingers itched to touch him and see if he was real. Raising her hand, she laid the palm flat on his chest where his shirt gaped open and found solid warmth. “Oh.”

A low chuckle brought her gaze up, and her breath caught at the gentle glow in his eyes. “Do you like?”

Shifting to her knees, her caress glided toward his jaw. She brushed her thumb across the satiny flesh of his full bottom lip and sighed once more. “Yes.”

They leaned as one and touched lips; soft, tender, their breaths exchanged for an instant. “Open your eyes and look to your heart.” The accent flavoring his voice was stronger than she remembered. Beautiful and lyrical, she listened to each layer of it. “Look deep, past all barriers, to the center. Find what you lost and you will be free.”

“Only if you stay with me,” she whispered against his mouth and slid her fingers into his hair to hold him. His hands encircled her throat, his thumbs under her chin, tilting her head. She captured his lips and deepened the kiss, opening her mouth and crossing the threshold of his with a gentle probe of her tongue. He tasted of cinnamon, her favorite spice. She moaned as heat climbed from the soles of her feet to inflame her body.

“I’m dreaming, and I never want this to end,” she whispered when the kiss ended, arching her back as his lips moved over her jaw to her neck. Warm breath slid across her skin.

This is my short story THE WITCH WITHIN from The Wild Rose Press!
You can find it here: www.thewildrosepress.com


A scream echoes over Witch's mountain. A three hundred year old carving attacks for no reason. Widow Glory Sinclair fights against an unknown evil as she struggles with her growing attraction for Sheriff Will Moore.


Glory released a short laugh. “I don’t know what’s wrong with the man. He swears that ole carving down at the wood shed beat him.”

Will’s eyebrows shot up. “So it wasn’t a tale?”

“No, I don’t make a habit of telling tales. I was surprised when he told me. Then, tonight, when I went to check on him, he seemed different, like he was planning something. I don’t know, maybe that’s my imagination, but something about him just don’t sit right with me.”

A vee formed between Will’s brows. “You want me to run him off?”

She shook her head and a curl fell across her cheek. “No, not that. He’s been with me since Frank left for Cuba. I can’t do that to him.”

“Yet after two years, you don’t trust him. Just like you don’t trust me.”

“That’s not true. I trust you. I just don’t care for the way you try to boss me about. You ain’t my pa and you ain’t my man.” When she finished speaking, she nodded to add emphasis to her words. Without waiting for him to acknowledge, she pulled the needle through and stretched the thread. She aimed for the next spot to slide the point in.

“And what if I were your man?”

The needle’s steel tip went through the sock and stuck in her finger. She gasped and looked at the spot. Blood formed a circle on her pointer.

Wood creaked as he stood and stepped to where she sat. Unable to pull her gaze from the blood, she waited, tense for what he might do. His hand, warm and large, wrapped around her smaller one and lifted the injury to his lips.

She glanced at him. Dark lashes shielded the blue of his eyes. His tongue slipped between his lips and licked the wound.

Fire flared in her body and rushed to her face. She forgot to breath. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to feel the touch of that tongue and lips against her own.

Judith Leger's Blog

Leading Men and Women: Who would you chose?

Posted on July 14, 2011 at 12:32pm 0 Comments

Stop by Some Write It Hot and let me know who you would want to play the parts of your hero or heroine if your book is made into a movie!


Some Write It Hot blog




Did you hear?

Posted on April 11, 2011 at 1:11pm 0 Comments

I have a new release out at Amazon for Kindle. It's on sale at .99 for a limited time! 


Wraith’s Forest - Young Adult, Beauty and Beast type coming of age book. 


Fairy tales and haunted woods lead us through L.J. Leger's Beauty and the Beast story of one girl with the weight of a village on her shoulders and the attention of a very unlikely soul.

Here’s the link:   http://amzn.to/ehED02


Don’t miss out…


Samhain is almost here!

Posted on October 5, 2010 at 4:49pm 3 Comments

Do you love spooks? What about eerie and scary? Do love the power of witches!? If you say yes to any of these questions then please take a look at these books!

It's the month for things that go bump in the night.

I have two books that fit in perfectly this time of year.

The Witch Within:

A scream echoes over… Continue

Some Write It Hot!

Posted on September 7, 2010 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

My critique group has started a new blog with the members participating.

Please, if you have time, stop by and share some love. Here is the link: Some Write It Hot.

Hugs and Blessing be to all my dear friends!


Wanna hear something strange? Kharma or a watchful angel?

Posted on January 12, 2010 at 11:04am 1 Comment

Yep, very strange.

I decided to work on an old contemporary romance I wrote years ago. Why, you ask? Mainly because I LOVE the characters. Also, the story incorporates a love in my life--Rodeo, horses and country people.

I've learned a lot over the years, my growth as an author has increased with each new story over the years since I first became serious about seeking publication back in 2001. At that time, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with… Continue

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