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It matters not who you really are...but how I perceive you....

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~ Pandora's Praise ~

She passes quiet as the night...
as she slips outdoors in the bright moonlight,
Bare feet sure upon the grass...
this moment has finally come to pass,
Upon the altar she lays her gift...
delicate rose blooms she just picked,
Lights the incense and breathes its scent...
she feels refreshed,no longer spent,
Burning candles light her way...
the ecstatic feeling is here to stay,
Circles round with her spiritual knife...
within its realm will be no strife,
Face turned to the moon so bright...
arms uplifted in praise this night,
Soft nightgown clinging to her shape...
this enchantress needs no concealing cape,
Breezes rustle through the trees....
creating a whispered song to please,
She dances round her moonlit vale
One with the Goddess...she did not fail.

© CleoBuss 2008

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 photo 1415502kla34sp4qa.gif
Created by my friend,Wizard

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About Me:
 photo 7fd6a757-65be-486f-8c12-27dde63b919a_zpsyj9dr8qz.jpg I am new to the pagan path...and still finding myself...I want to learn as much as I can...touch the lives of as many as I can....relish the memories worth remembering
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I like vampire stories,other books of supernatural and suspense..have been known to read a romance or two..especially the new paranormal romances..always have sexual overtones and great characters
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Pagan, Witch
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*~*~*~* Sexuality at 60 ~*~*~*

is is one of those meanderings of the mind that
people who reach their 60's often go thru
least its my belief they do because I do! In my
mind I still see myself as in my 20's to mid
30's.I believe that is when you establish a lot
of your life belief systems that say who and what
you are and what you hold valuable in life.I was
always shy when young and never asserted
myself,but now that I have years behind me I feel
emboldened to say some of the things that would
have embarressed me years ago...of course then I
would never have contemplated them.

The thing on my mind tonite is sensuality;when
young I believe most people connect it with
predominately sex or the sexual act, but I have
grown to believe it is actually a part of a
person's personality or better put..part of their
genetic code.Taking pleasure in all sorts of
things that bombard the senses and receiving
rewards from the experience.

I have looked at myself and I am truly a sensual
being. Take a CoffeNip candy with a choc center
and place it in your you crunch down
and bite it; or do you roll it on your tongue and
suck on it until the creamy center flows onto
your tongue and the chocolate sensation floods
your taste buds? Hmm...starting to see what I
mean about how you experience things? Do you take
delicate bites from a potato chip and savor the
taste, or do you thrust a handful in your mouth
just to satisfy hunger?

Scent is another important realm for the sensual
being.scent of all sorts attract me..not just
nice ones either! the musty smell of a man when
he's worked hard is attractive in its way because
it signals the ancient desires to be protected by
a strong being.I personally am very drawn to
scent for myself that is floral based or has the
essence of vanilla or baby powder..vanilla musk
is a favorite and I feel very female when I wear
it.As I have gotten older and more into my pagan self I am enjoying essential oils..especially drawn to Clove and orange . Candles or oils in the home also lend the
sensual being much pleasure .

If you have never made your bed with clean sheets
and spread baby power on the bottom sheet..try
it! Nothing feels better than the feel of bare
skin sliding through the soft scented powder.(I sleep nude)
I love sensations on my skin and love to have
fingers drawn slowly up and down my arms...have
massages,lotion being put on me by other
hands...lounging in a hot scented bath..these are
all things that the sensual being craves.

Many of these sensations can lead up to a sexual
experience,but in themselves bring pleasure. Of
course there is nothing wrong with a playful
fanny slap telling you your naughty followed by
you biting them part of sexual play.

As I ramble on I guess I'm saying look at
yourself and explore who you think you are and
what you like and be bold in living life to your
own true to your nature.

I met my 2nd husband when I was in my mid 40's,
and I have been more alive and felt more me then
ever before because he encouraged me to be bold
and sassy and try new things and I am enjoying
life with more gusto.I've been a biker bitch on
the back of his Harley, we've run a trucking
business and run for weeks in our truck never
seeing home,we've lost a lot;money and
possessions,but we have conquered together and
the bond is strong.

I discovered my sensual self because I am no
longer afraid to be say I like all that
touchy feely stuff..I love the flavors of good
food..the scent of burning logs, the musky man
smell of my husband,the sweet flowers at my is good...
In my later years as I read and experience ; I have decided I would enjoy being submissive least to some extent. I know I like being spanked, having my head held forcefully by the hair to take a man in my mouth..many things lead me to believe it would excite me...I have yet to have a real experience w/ it.
write,sew,crochet,do assorted art projects,gardening,horse riding,reading
my husband..he is a fascinating man that in 19 yr. has never failed to bring me laughter and light..and comfort after life's storms...
How did you find PaganSpace?
I have many friends on here

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The Raven..harbinger of death and Victorian death Jewelry

Posted on December 29, 2011 at 7:20pm 0 Comments

I have added a couple of new topics to my group ..Death Danses


Photobucket The Raven..harbinger of death and Victorian death Jewelry

Please feel free to visit and explore many of the different ways we acknowledge and deal with Death...also looking for suggestions for further topics for…


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Please feel free to join my new group...DEATH DANSES...I also welcome suggestions for other discussion topics

Samhain Night (dedicated to PapaRaven...I hope to see him thru the veil on Hallows Eve...)

Posted on October 8, 2009 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

Through the glooming forest night to the clearing they come,

Wrapped in dark cloaks with torches, they move as one…

Passing acorns to each other from the sacred Oak tree,

It says “I’m a witch “ to thee and thee…

Samhain sabbat remembers ancestors who’ve gone before,

They’ve left us with love,sacred knowledge and more…

The Old King is dead and the Crone Goddess does mourn,

We leave them harvest gifts of pumpkins, nuts…

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Death Danses

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At 2:47pm on July 15, 2016, shadowdance said…

Merry Meet,

I hope that you are still on Paganspace. I am checking in on everyone on pen sisters and making sure that they are ok.

Blessings your way,


At 8:29pm on March 11, 2014, Agnos Pathseeker said…
Pandora, I just now read your first post. As a 66 year old male, let me say that I share your sentiments about mental age and sexuality. I don't think these feelings will ever change. They keep people like you and me feeling ALIVE!
At 8:05am on March 12, 2013, Green Briar said…

At 6:09am on December 31, 2012, Mystic Faydancer's Page said…

Thank you Pandora for the picture you posted on my wall.

At 9:17am on December 22, 2012, Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN said…

AND to you as well,filled with magick and good things and FUN!!! HUGS CL

At 6:57am on December 22, 2012, Amethyst Samia said…
Hi Pandora hope your Yule was magical! Love your page. It is gorgeous!! Have a great weekend
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At 6:41am on December 4, 2012, Danu Starbright said…

Thanks for the request!

At 6:32am on December 1, 2012, Amethyst Samia said…
Thanks for the friendship request Pandora! The pleasure is all mine to accept. I'm sure we will be great friends!

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