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I am an author and lecturer, have two dogs and two cats, and enjoy storytelling. I am a druid, though also have an interest in Kemeticism and comparative polytheism.
Outside of paganism, I enjoy baking, brewing, storytelling, poetry, painting, and wandering in the woods.
Favorite Books
The Lucifer Box series, Agatha Christie, Jasper Fforde's series, Arthur Conan Doyle.
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I have a strong interest in Kemeticism as well as Druidry.
Storytelling, baking, portrait painting
John Barrowman, Oscar Wilde, Alastair Sim, Boudica
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Surfing the web.

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At 10:34pm on July 20, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hi, Robin. How goes it? Congratulations on your publishing success with your books! That is truly commendable. I am friends with Kerr Cuhulain (sp?). He's written some magic books, also. Brother, today was weird. I was accused of something I'm positive I couldn't have done. I'm simply dumbfounded and so, so disappointed. Anyway, I don't really want to go into it. I wanted, needed to express myself. A little. Thought that I could count on some support, but that's gone, now. Phooey! Well, nighty night, Robin. Didn't mean to mystify you. I'm the one who's mystified. But sleep well, my friend. Blessings of the Mothers!
At 6:28pm on July 17, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Oh, Robin, publishing sites online run about $100/100 books, bare basic price. As of three years ago. But I don't imagine the prices have gone up too much. I had that in mind, and then things got busy and I back burnered the whole idea. This would probably be a better option for you. Just Google it! Blessings.
PS-What kinds of works do you write, Robin?
At 6:22pm on July 17, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hello, Robin. It was three years ago when I found a self-writing and publishing online site. I don't remember the name of it. :( I have it written down in one of my journals. Yikes! I'm trying to remember which one would have it. Well, there are quite a few. You could Google a "write and publish" site. You leave your work there for people to read. You can read other writer's works, too. And leave comments. I used to bang out a story, and the one I sent you is one of them, in fifteen minutes or so, on work breaks at the Senior Employment Center, in Akron. I used to live in Akron. But Google this. There's no money involved. People often give advice and they can rate your stories, too. You can do the same. It's cool. It seemed as if the Muse was right on my shoulder giving me support. It's fun.
Things aren't good, here. Hope we make it to a safe rental house. Blessed Be! And So It Is! Blessings of the Mothers, Robin!
At 1:28pm on July 15, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hi, Robin! Did you receive my last message? I told you an instance of my childhood with my Dad. It was quite long. I haven't found it, so I wondered if you had even received it. If not, please let me know. I'll send you another. It's a good story, that happens to be true. Blessings of the Mothers!
At 9:20am on July 9, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hello, Robin! Well, these "people," particularly the violent ones, must be afraid of my pup. He's formidable, although just mid-sized. He's a wonderful guard dog. He barks to warn me if he hears someone sneaking around outside. Sometimes I notice he's looking, ears perked up, with great interest toward the front door. (It's the only door). The ones who have attempted to invade this apartment are young, male and female. I saw them last year, around 12:35pm, running at this apartment, across the parking lot and into my front yard. I had risen because I had decided to put up a blanket over the window blinds, for more privacy. I was up on a chair, doing this, when I heard them. They noticed that I was awake and up, so they complained to each other. So I heard female and male voices. I peeked around the blanket, and sure enough, I was right. Six of them. Oddly enough, I was standing on the chair I use as a barricade. If one of them had a key, they could have invaded. But, these "people" want it easy. They wanted to surprise us. (Pup and me). Pup slept through most of it. But he barked when they were close. They're afraid of him. He sounds like a dog three times his size when he barks! Plus he's all glossy black. He's a handsome pup, Labrador mixed with Sharpei. They should be afraid of him. He protects his "Mom.". Blessings of the Mothers!
At 7:28pm on July 8, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hi, Robin! Well, some of the "neighbors" leave poison out for my dog. They've been doing this for over two years. Plus, even though the apt complex looks nice, and is in the country, outside of Massillon, Ohio, there have been, and still are gunshots, some with silencers. You know, that "Pfft! Pfft!!!" Sound. Plus, two attempts to 'invade' this apartment. So, I guess I'll break lease yet again. Oh, well. You'd honestly think this was in an inner part of a city. But, no.
My Father told me, when I asked him, that "the future of Mankind was a boot smashing into a face."And, he said that I would see it. My old Dad was psychic. A quiet man, he worked hard, and he read profusely. He had a wonderful Library.
Blessings of the Mothers, Robin!
At 12:51am on July 8, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hello, Robin! I was playing 'kill the towel' with my companion pup. He's taken to doing this after eleven at night. He's still playing! Oh, what would I do without him! He's such a Sweetie! How are things with you, Robin? It's been hot here, but it's cooled for the weekend. Hope you're keeping cool over there! I read a lot, and collect books, and have even had my short stories published online. With one poem. Things have come to a screeching halt, though, until after we move to a safer place. It's late, so, nighty night! Blessings of the Mothers!
At 11:43pm on July 1, 2012, Andrea Bascelli said…
Hi, Robin! Thanks for accepting me into your Circle of Friends! Blessings of the Mothers!
At 12:02pm on April 13, 2011, JoeBlack said…
At 12:01pm on April 13, 2011, JoeBlack gave Robin a gift
Thanks for the Add Robin...Have a Magical New Week! ;-)

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