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need a binding ritual

Posted on January 17, 2011 at 11:22am 1 Comment

I would apreciate it if some one could get me a binding ritual that works on people of other religions so i 0can bind a person so she will stop causing me harm and that can only be broken if she changes her ways

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At 1:58pm on August 04, 2015, Freya G gave eragon shadeslayer a gift
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thank you
At 11:14am on February 6, 2010, Terry said…

At 9:27am on February 6, 2010, Linda said…
At 11:39am on October 20, 2009, Caspian said…
do that it's going to be an awesome piece! I've got a friend making a ring for my web store too .
Combined Mystical Properties: Silver Citrine and Peridot

Peridot is told to have the ability to bring healing and vitality to the whole body. It it said to increase patience, confidence and assertiveness. Stories told since ancient times about how this gemstone has the ability to slow the aging process.
The joyful and friendly energy of this stone helps to make and seal friendships, it clears the heart, releases the ego, which in turn cleanses jealousy and anger, hence bringing about a sense of peace and quiet amusement.
A visionary stone, peridot helps connect us to our destinies and to an understanding of the purpose of existence. Can assist us in visualize not only the ultimate peak of physical but of spiritual continuation as well. However, if you are confused or fearful, Peridot should be used in a limited way, as it releases toxins and brings them to the surface, thus neutralizing them in combination

Citrine Gemstone meaning
Citrine is a yellow-to-golden member of the quartz mineral group. A deep golden variety from Madiera Spain can resemble the costly imperial topaz gem stone, which is one reason that citrine is a popular birthstone alternative to those born in November.

Citrine has been called the "stone of the mind". Ancient cultures believed that placing a citrine on the forehead of an elder would increase his psychic power.

Money energies of citrine
Citrine is known as the lucky "Merchants Stone". If you are in any type of sales, just put a citrine in the cash drawer and watch what happens. Also used by healers to:

increase self esteem
protect from the negative energy from someone else's abuse
open the mind to new thoughts
promote clarity of thought

Healing properties of citrine
Citrine is sometimes used by healers to help with digestion as it is considered beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system - cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Citrine is an excellent stone to calm and soothe distressed conditions. Some use it to help relieve depression, digestive problems (including constipation and diabetes). It will give joy and love to the owner.

Sources of citrine
Sources of citrine include Brazil, Bolivia, several African countries and parts of the Soviet Union.

Silver is told to bring advantage to it's wearer throughout life. It
is used to conjure patience and perseverance to the wearer, and it used
extensively with gemstones due to the fact that the metal attracts and retains
the qualities emitted by the stones.

It is known to enhance the powers of the moon, particularly during the full and new moons. Throughout the world it is identified with the lunar manifestations of the Great Mother, the eternal goddess. As the metal is
reflective, as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so does silver reflect
negativity from the wearer. Tiny silver globes, or any sliver jewelry can be
worn for magical security; used to provide protection again evil intent,
reflecting spells of harm back to the sender.

Silver can also be used to enhance your psychic abilities, as it is a psychic-influencing metal. When worn it stimulates your psychic awareness but simultaneously lulls the conscious, so as not to overwhelm. Donning silver
jewelry before sleep is another method of producing psychic dreams. If the piece
is set with moonstone or other gemstone with psychic properties the effects will
be more powerful
There is a long history and tradition of healing
associated with Silver. It is believed that Silver is antibacterial of sorts. A
disinfectant for the human body that boosts your immunity. Several resources
suggest that this metal, when ingested, kills anaerobic (nitrogen breathing)
bacteria which can be quite beneficial. This practice allows aerobic (oxygen
breathing) bacteria survive, which are very good, especially for
In many ancient cultures, silver was used to purify water and in the
prevention of festering of wounds. In 1884 a Dr. Crede discovered that silver
had the ability to cure a disease that had been responsible for causing
blindness in thousands of babies
Energy workers will find this metal a wonderful
conduit for sending energy to a patient. It can also be used to help channel the
energies of gemstones in healing, particularly: Turquoise, Carnelian, Moonstone,
Amethyst and Quartz are excellent healing stones to channel with
This mineral should also be beneficial in
treating some infectious diseases, like hepatitis or the flu, and may help
cleanse your blood and correct chemical and hormonal imbalances if used
properly. In more traditional medicine it is used for dental fillings and
fittings, as well as surgical : Water Deities: Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene,
Lucina Invocation, love, psychic abilities, dreams,
peace, protection, travel and money"More than two thirds of the world's civilizations
use silver, or silver coated coins as money, and a great deal of the remainder
do at least a portion of their bartering with silver, which is why silver is
used extensively in money drawing magic from the gemstones that you are working with are more
powerful set or wrapped in silver. It has almost no vibrational impact on the
stones, quite the opposite in fact, it will enhance the connection between the
wearer and the stone, allowing for a gentle flow of energy between the two. It
is said that over time that the silver will in fact absorb and reflect the same
energy as the stone it is set inPlace a piece of this mineral on your forehead to activate and open your
Third Eye Chakra to aid in seeing. As well, a silver bracelet worn around the
wrist of your receptive hand will aid you in receiving channeled information and
drawing certain energy forms
Use the Lunar qualities of your Silver to balance
your life; growing what is good and necessary while voiding whatever causes you
harm or prevents your evolution. Let it perform like a psychic mirror, allowing
you to see your life from the outside. View this new perspective without
judgment, but with a purer knowledge of what is best for your highest
good Practitioners of astral travel may like using
Silver as an anchor as they move from one reality to another. It provides a kind
of energy beam or signal trace that allows you to always "see" where your
physical body is. So you aren't distracted by the fear of not being able to

At 9:49am on October 19, 2009, Caspian said…

I'm Already at Work on something Very cool Imagine a thor'd hammer with Moldavite, in it's heart. I'm looking for the stone today I'm buying Silver hammer And looking for the stone today
At 9:15pm on October 12, 2009, Caspian said…
It does at That cool!
At 11:20am on October 9, 2009, Caspian said…

That's great! I have a solid star too and you'll note when you wear it in public people don't seem to notice it I did a seven chakras chip bead Will post pics Later.
At 8:37am on September 29, 2009, JAGODA said…

At 12:24pm on September 24, 2009, Caspian said…
With all the compalaints against him bill can't show his face but as I have heard him say many times "There's always someone I can pay to do what I need done."

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