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i am a shaman
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Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Shaman, Native American Spirituality


in order for a shaman to become a shaman the testing has to begin and if your not willing to toe the line youll lose out on some very kewl things as a shaman and being a healer youll all so will have to suffer some well a lot .
and once the testing starts it is going to be realy hard to keep in mind the greater good .some times this is going to be the hardest of them all.
some times we will have to give some thing up in order for us to pass this testing and some times youll do things you dont under stand at the time but will get the understanding later ..thats why i am writing this part.
win,lose or draw this is what we as shamans have to go through.

all levels can be equaly endless and excruiating .one of the most common by-products of these defining challenges is some thing called shamanic initiation shamanic initiation occurs when our illusion of reality can no longer cope with,rationalize,or solve the current crisis situation created by a definning essence our belief system fails
for one moment we are is a moment of extreme choice. we can either choose to release our old illusion of reality and open ourselfs up to a new reality of understanding , or we cling to our old illusion of reality and suffer the consequences. these challenges and the resulting shamanic .{personal not} you must be pushed to the point of breaking and then you will open up but if you dont get pushed by the one teaching you then or if you get so mad to walk away you will lose,and this is the point you will have to stand up and say i can take this and what ever els comes at me remember if you give up you fail
this is the training grounds of the true shamans and medicine wemen.the more you can take the more powerfull youll become keep this in mind

spiritual growth can only come when the illusion of reality is open and fluid. spiritual knowegledge plus spiritual experience ,spiritual power. the extreme motivation for spiritual knowledge often initiated , if not achieved , by a sever crisis. that spiritual knowledge results in spiritual experience. and ultimately spiritual power. my initial defining challenge was the excruciating senceof personal failure and incompetence created by my inability to connect to the this i mean i could not come to terms with how do i say this the balance i needed to over come what i was faceing i just wanted to give up and say what is this all worth it for.

challenge has altered the course of my entire life .it initiated a quest that still continues to this day.
one of the most common things that people do when thay are in the midst of such suffering is to reach out to others for help, in my experience with people ,the more critial and desperate the situation , the more likly they are to examine and seriously consider what were once seeming out of the question and unacceptable options .crisis and desperation creats shamanic initiation.
which brings me to my subject for this page human nature.
i have noticed a certain disturbing pattern appear. when people are suffering, they do not want evolution, they want their suffering to go away.
once that suffering has gone away they go right back to the exact same situation.
even then people rationalize ,they deny, justify and ignore the reality of the situation.

people as a rule do not do anything untill they have too.
and the they generally do only enough to mask the symptoms of the problem,it is human nature not to want to suffer . it seems only natual to want the pain to go away .
and disappear. we live our lives in a culture where there is a pill for every symptom.
but masking the symptoms does not cure the illness. the symptoms help us to discover the source of the problem.
with out the symptom the problem goes unchecked i dont believe that it is any great mystical secret to say that we , as a species do not evolve very much during the good times in our lives . we learn , grow,and evolve by working through the trials and tribulations that befall us.
over the years i have worked with many of what the doctors have called incurable terminally ill individuals,from the moment i met them i knew who would live and who would die.
the ones who would live were willing to accept thier shamanic initiation and having nothing to lose, were willing to accept a new perception of reality that included of reality that they previously refused to accept they were willing to try anything . those who would not survive clung to thier old illusion of reality and continued to struggle with the situation right up until thier death .

so those i could help i did and those i couldnt help well they died because they wanted to ..

just like sleeping with some one you know and this person is making you sick in the body and you do nothing about it then your going to die a slow death why because you want it this way..
just like going into the upper and lower worlds if your blocked again it is because of the person your sleeping next to is the blocker and the karma from a person not understanding or wanting to live then they just lose hope and die too.
us shamans understand death for what it is and by us looking in to all three worlds we tend to get a better understanding of this each time we go there..
i have seen to meny good people die in my life time because they didnt or want to listen to what the spirits have had to say to them..
now this bring me to the emotional side of a shaman ..
this will make some mad and then theres those that will read this that will learn some thing from this..

just a few in the nut shells is coming next so take it as a learning lession.

spiritual freedom

becoming free, a reminder of the principles of life

1-life does not work through indecision , indecision promotes blocks and confusion and stress .and by this you will not be allowed to do any thing in the spirit world as along as you dont keep your own soul.
personal not : there are meny things that can coast you your own soul read part one again in chapter one you will see how you can lose

2-the three c's of life are courage,capacity,and commitment. it takes courage and a commitment to make many lifes decisions,and capacity to follow them through.the three c's of a successful relationship are caring ,consideration,and communication.communication opens the door between us,consideration allows us to pass through it and our ability to care for each other unites us
personal note: when you love two people you have to make the time for both of them and in so doing this you will have to find the folowing understanding both of them-finding your balance between them both this leads your inter balance
sexual-mind-body-spirit-you can find simi-balanece and still miss the whole point what you do for one you should be willing to do for the other keep it fair because if you dont then the spirit world will be unfare to you cannot leave one out you have to come to trems with this .because if you dont it could leave you resenting both persons.

Shamancloud's Blog

in the foot steps of a shaman my book i have writen mores coming let me know what you think

Posted on September 10, 2008 at 6:11am 0 Comments

Shaman’s Book of Shadows

Sometimes the spirit of a deceased person lingers within the earth plane seemingly incapable of moving on. This inability to move on may be accounted for in several ways. One of the most common reasons for the earth bound spirit is that a very powerful emotional tie exists between the spirit and a living person. This emotional tie exists between the spirit and another person, place, or thing. It may be the highly emotional circumstances of the person’s death. It… Continue

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At 2:11pm on June 10, 2010, Bell Book and Candle said…
Just passing though, sending you my On-Line Neighbor & Friend, My warmest Blessings & Hugs
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At 12:35pm on September 10, 2008, Kristeen Dureck said…
Have a great day!!!!!
At 8:38am on September 10, 2008, Cat High said…

Merry Meet & Welcome to Pagan Space!
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At 1:04am on September 10, 2008, LadyMysticWolf said…

I agree with Kristeen. That is wonderful you share this on your page.
At 12:14am on September 10, 2008, Kristeen Dureck said…
Interesting and enlightening. Thanks for your words. BB, -K

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